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With a combined experience of 20 years’ experience, Laura and her team at BeVisible are masters as digital marketing consultants.

About Laura – BeVisible’s original digital marketing consultant

Laura Bevis decided to set up BeVisible Marketing after many years working in the corporate industry. Laura has been there from the start – since the beginning of online marketing and social media, when using your website became a one-stop shop, and social platforms were created and used to promote a business. She has taught many colleagues the importance of digital in business, helping individuals and corporate companies to create their online presence and avatars. She has also helped create a social community for businesses such as Bouygues UK and West Sussex County Council.

Quickly realising the needs of customers using search engines as the modern-day Yellow Pages, Laura trained in SEO and optimising content for web, and learnt how to create a successful website that will reach the top of search engines.

Why Choose Us

Top Quality Advice & Content

Here at BeVisible, we pride ourselves on giving top quality advice and content that is bespoke, affordable, and tailored personally to you.



We appreciate the journey involved in creating a new business, so we hold your hand every step of the way, making sure you feel completely supported.

20 Years Experience

Our combined 20 years of experience and network of experts in content writing, social media, SEO and proofreading means that we know exactly how to create the right strategy to get the results you desire. 

Helping Smaller Businesses

Laura learnt that combining an ideal digital strategy with engaging social media content, an SEO optimised website, sound content, and great knowledge of the industry, is absolutely essential for helping to create a story and brand for the business.

After becoming a mummy, Laura realised she could focus on helping smaller businesses that don’t have the time or resources to hire someone full-time but would like help creating a digital story.

And so, BeVisible was born!

Laura now works like-minded digital marketing consultants, who are long term friends, colleagues and fellow freelancers. The growing BeVisible community all understand how small businesses need that extra support and make sure they go the extra mile for all their clients.

Digital Marketing Every Step of the Way

BeVisible isn’t just any marketing company. We really do add that personal touch! Our heartfelt desire is that each client feels completely supported throughout the whole of their marketing journey, which means that we offer a one-on-one experience with one of our team so all your needs, worries, questions and ideas are taken care of along the way.

With standout content and expert wisdom from all out digital marketing consultants on boosting Google rankings and social media engagement, BeVisable helps you get ahead of the competition to make your brand become more visible to the world.

Our promise to you is that not only we will help you with your requests, but we will also make sure that you feel involved, encouraged, and truly excited about the whole process of your business becoming more visible. 

We can’t wait to work with you!
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