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How to “Be Visible” in a post-Covid marketplace

You need to be in it to win it as the saying goes and it’s more important than ever to ensure your business has a strong online presence due to the knock on effects from Covid 19. Most businesses have been left counting the costs of lockdown and furlough which have been hard enough but combined with huge hikes in petrol prices, energy and raw materials – profit margins are suffering. The quandary is whether to pass on these costs to the customer when the cost of living crisis means consumers are already spending less on non-essential products and services.

It’s no surprise therefore that businesses are increasingly tightening their belts but those that are savvy will continue to invest in affordable digital marketing as this will more than pay for itself; helping to keep existing custom and attract new leads. In our ever increasing digital world where most marketing is carried out online, it is imperative to “set your stall out” and be clearly visible in what can be an already overcrowded and confusing marketplace. Here’s where BeVisible can help your digital story:-

SEO – take me to your leader

Search engine optimisation is the key to your success through matching words and phrases that direct your target audience via clever bots; literally to your door. The more effective the SEO – the higher your ranking in Google search results. This “crawl accessibility” paired with a user-friendly web experience ensures a captive audience from the get-go with content, copyediting and social media doing the rest but if customers can’t find you then literally nothing else matters! Like our name suggests – BeVisible helps business brands be just that!

Creating strong content

Content marketing and copywriting are the virtual bricks and mortar of your web presence and so you need talented writers to build strong foundations rather than castles in the sky! At Be Visible we know that content needs to be informative and entertaining enough to capture your target audience and copywriting needs to be persuasive (without being pushy) so that your customers are inspired to take action; whether it’s buying a product from your website, signing up to your newsletter or engaging in a social media post.

We are grammar snobs!

First impressions count and one thing guaranteed to put customers off a business is poor grammar. You may offer quality products or a top-notch service but sloppy spelling will cast doubt on the professionalism and even authenticity of your business. We understand that many companies can struggle with staffing levels or simply don’t have the time to proof read everything so  Be Visible is happy to act as your second pair of eyes to check any kind of copy or document and advise on any changes that would make it look and read its very best.  We work with Harper Collins so this should reassure you that you are in the very best of editorial hands!

Social media fusion

Product, price, place, promotion and people are the 5 P’s of social media marketing and here at BeVisible we use our own brand of wizardry to create the perfect combination to achieve your goals. Although the end result is always maximising sales through the effective direction of web traffic; platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram help keep you connected and engaged with customers along the route – building a sense of friendship, community and offering that personal touch even when you aren’t meeting in person.

It can be daunting for a company to monitor their social media channels or even know the best ones to showcase their brand to begin with. Here at BeVisible we know that the new kid on the block TikTok is great for attention grabbing sound bites aimed at a younger, fun-loving audience whereas Instagram is a shop window with a more polished, professional feel. Facebook is our standard go-to for regular updates, campaigns and general chit chat where “likes” and comments will literally do the advertising for you! We know how daunting it can be for a business to dream up a schedule of regular, engaging posts that reflect a cohesive marketing strategy and make the most of unique selling points such as seasonal trends but luckily you don’t have to! BeVisible help you to be visible and stay relevant – drawing on our many years of social media experience help you reach the 4.2 billion World Wide Web users with our technical and social etiquette know-how.