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How can i get my
website to rank high
in google?

How can I get my website to rank high in Google? A daily question we hear at BeVisible Marketing. SEO is vital to your content. Google has a checklist for each website it ranks in its search engine. The more ticks your website has, the higher up Google it will be ranked.

Research has shown that almost 80% of all Internet users click on the first five sites appearing on the first page of Google. Most of these do not even click on Google’s second page. It makes sense to try and get your site in the top five then, surely? You are probably asking; How can I get my website to rank high in Google? Keep reading…

Website Audits

Don’t understand or have the time to do this? Are you a new business needing some advice on online marketing services for your business? Contact BeVisible and we’ll handle it all for you.

We can conduct a FREE website audit for you, recommending key points to increase your visibility, so you no longer have to ask how can I get my website to rank high in Google?

Included in a Website Audit:

  • Noting if each page and post is optimised with a keyword relevant to the business/service
  • Pointing out if there is meta data for each page
  • Looking for links and backlinks included on the site
  • Checking if there is enough content on each page
  • Looking to see if all images are optimised and the right size
  • Running a test to see if the page loads fast enough, and is an appropriate size
  • There are no broken links

SEO Services

We can also implement all changes, offering keyword research, to ensure the right words are added to your site to ensure it appears in searches.

In an age where online searching and shopping is at its highest, it makes sense to ensure maximum traffic to your business site.

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