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One of the marketing buzzwords of 2022; SoLoMo may sound like the name of an up and coming pop band but it is in fact a new brand of three-fold digital marketing. Combining social media, location-based advertising and mobile commerce packs a powerful punch to improve sales by focusing on customer experience. If you’re a local business serious about growth and longevity then you will want to embrace this marketing equation and here at BeVisible we are only too happy to help!

SoLoMo = Social + Local + Mobile

Being social

We know that consumers are SOcial. Your customers and prospective new leads are the “media generation” and buying habits of the nation are being transformed literally via the click of a mouse through likes and shares. People are switching from trailing the high street or going direct to brand names to surfing the net using their contacts instead with 70% of users buying a product or service based on a recommendation of a social media friend.

Shopping is becoming a peer-led experience and consumers seeking advice, reading (and writing) reviews, following relevant links and eye-catching click bait are the very things that could lead them to your virtual or physical store. Of course; it goes without saying that you need to be a social butterfly too! Ensuring your business has a strong online presence with engaging, proof-read copy and maximised SEO is crucial in order to maximise SoLoMo opportunities As the saying goes – you need to be in it to win it and although new consumer interactions can increase your reputation and sales leads; your business needs to be high ranking in those all important web search results.

Staying local

The LOcal part of SoLoMo equates to customers interacting with social media where they are at any given moment; whether that’s at home or on the go. Research shows that most purchases are made within a 15 mile radius of home and millions of people are now using location-based, mobile services to explore their vicinity whether they live there or are “home from home” such as holidaying so it’s important you reach your captive audience.

You can do this by having a Google Business profile and trying a platform like Wowcher (hint – it’s important to ensure accurate NAP; name, address and phone). Showcasing your business by way of a promotional offer is an ideal way to expand your geographical business-reach as customers can rate, comment and share their experiences with you. If they hit the like button on your Facebook page you benefit from further, free advertising as well as growing your digital footprint. Permission marketing offers further opportunities to send updates and offers via SMS or MMS but don’t forget the humble email – even the shopping giant Amazon uses hyper-local email to keep in touch with customers.

Remaining mobile

There is no doubt that shopping has become an in the moment affair rather than an experience in its own right as it was in decades past. The MObility of consumers’ means they are just as likely to make a purchase sat in their favourite p.j.’s as they are to put on their Saturday best and go into town. With phones now being used as digital wallets; not only can people search for, find and browse a physical or virtual store – they can buy with just a tap of their mobile even when their card has been left at home. That’s why it’s important to ensure your website is mobile friendly or has a mobile app to offer a seamless buying experience.

SoLoMo – The Land of Opportunity

Think of social, local and mobile as an ever-evolving landscape traversed by customers wanting a dynamic yet fluent experience that is relevant to their needs. As a business it’s up to you to provide opportunities via advertising, coupons and easy payment options so they can chase the rainbow to the very end – turning your business into a little (or big!) pot of gold! However, providing a buying experience that goes like a dream can be full of pitfalls. Here at BeVisible we know how crucial it is for all your internal resources to be aligned; especially those in direct contact with the end user. This is because SoLoMo is about ultimately creating a consumer-led social experience with fresh, local content that is best carried out under expert guidance – at least until you know your own SoLoMo landscape like the back of your hand.