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We’ve discussed the basics of creating Reels and TikToks before – but there’s one aspect that we think deserves a bit of a deeper dive, and that’s audio.

That’s because the audio you use in your Reels are a key factor to making them successful. In fact, a study shows that while scrolling through the Reels page, content using trending audio reached an average of  4 million more views than ones that used other audio!

In this post, we’ll explain how to find the best audio for Reels and how to determine if it will fit with your business.

Trending sounds

One of the most important parts of choosing an audio is making sure that it is trending. Currently, the Instagram algorithm prioritises Reels that use trending audio, which means that your content will be seen by more than just your existing audience, and it is more likely to be featured on the Reels tab.

It is very easy to find trending sounds. One of the best ways is to just go onto Instagram and click on the Reels Explore page. As you scroll through the Reels, look at the bottom left. Audio that is trending will have an arrow pointing upwards next to them.

You can save this audio to be used in your next Reel. It’s important to remember that trending sounds change constantly, so if you’ve found an audio that you love, you should use it within the next few days.

Not all trending sounds are equal

Once you’ve found a trending sound, you should finally look at how many times this audio has been used. You would think that the higher the number, the better the audio is – but that’s not quite the case. If you wait a little too long, other people will start using the audio before you do, and the sound will start to become overplayed and annoying!

Use your judgement – if an audio has been used millions of times, it might be best for you to give it a skip. (Maybe look to see if the person who made the sound has another, less used audio that is also trending!)

Does the audio fit your business?

Finally, you need to determine if the audio is relevant to you and your business. One of the easiest ways to do this is to tap on the sound and see the types of videos that use it. This is very important! For example, if you notice that most of the Reels that use this audio are about super healthy and clean eating and you own a luxury brownie company, it might not be the perfect audio for you. That’s because Instagram will be pushing this audio to people who are engaging with this sound – and these people probably aren’t in your target audience.

Other Reel and audio tips

  • Want to get ahead of the curve? Make a TikTok account. Many of the trending sounds on TikTok find their way over to Instagram within a few days.
  • However, you shouldn’t just upload your TikToks to Instagram. Instagram prioritises videos that aren’t visibly recycled from other apps, so creating original content in the Reels editor could also help boost your visibility.
  • The content you create should be relevant to the audio you’ve chosen. Trends aren’t just about the sounds you use – they can be paired with memes, dances, and other video content.
  • Check in with blogs like the Later reel blog which rounds up the best trending sounds every single week.
  • Follow accounts on Instagram that recommend top trending sounds. Some of our favourites include @reelstips and @reel.torials.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how we can help you choose great audio for your Reels, then please contact us!